A commentary on Justice Conder's thoughtful piece about DAOs

January 2023

Lessons from Warren Buffett, Bitcoin Maxis, and Edgy

December 2022

FTX would make for a dull accounting case study, even though it's way worse than Enron.
What AI tools can teach us about the dangers of outsourcing trust. Are we already living in this world?
The FTX fraud needs to heed the crypto community to build with a values-first ethical mindset

November 2022

A cheeky post about the FTX fraud. Skip it if you're bored of hearing about FTX.

September 2022

But I got what I really needed.

August 2022

Stable systems will future-proof decentralized finance
Sharing a revised version of an earlier draft, including editing feedback.
An Internet phenomenon that is a nuisance and a distraction from achieving your goals.

July 2022

I'm looking for a Writing Job in Web3 and I need your help
A short story