#22: Make your dreams come true

It’s fascinating to read, watch, and listen, broadly and learn how different we are from one another: our mindsets, our interests, our past experiences.

Yet, despite our differences, we are all very similar: our fears, our hopes, our dreams.

We come together through connection, whether that’s listening to a podcast, reading a book, or watching a movie or a TV show.

The media and art creates narratives about the human condition, something we all feel but can’t always explain in words. We leave it to the media and to art to help us make sense of these feelings.

There is good media and bad media; there is good art and bad art.

Good media and good art helps us to empathize with our fellow humans, by building bridges of connection. Bad media and bad art demoralizes us, drowning our souls in quicksand.

Unfortunately, the Internet is chock-full of bad art and bad media. Demoralization, helplessness sells - and it’s addictive.

But, empathy and hopefulness sells too - and it’s addictive.

Earlier this week, I tweeted a nugget of information. I received more likes and retweets on a single tweet than I ever had before.

The reactions I received were a signal that I was onto something.

Are we experiencing a Renaissance of communities right now?

I think so.

In my little universe, tons of online communities are popping up. There’s a lot happening in the space: people are creating courses on how to build authentic online communities, people are building new technology stacks to support community growth, people are experimenting with hybrid IRL (in real life) and virtual community models.

The proliferation of online communities is creating a micro-economy. New jobs are being created. People are connecting, coordinating, and organizing in novel ways.

People join online communities because they seek connection, and they stay because the community provides them with resources, tools, and support to make their dreams a reality. Our dreams become attainable when our community, our friends are thriving. In the world of good online communities, it’s not a zero-sum game.

About a month ago, a fellow community member at Metacartel, a crypto community that I’m a member of, reached out to see how things were going.

After exchanging some pleasantries, we got into the meat of things. I shared with him that I’ve been on a year-long sabbatical, taking a break from crypto, and slowing down.

Through my little laptop screen, I could see his eyes light up, and a smile form. He was wearing a cap that said “Be Kind.” He shared with me that, for him, slowing down means connecting with his heart, which he likes to do while surfing. He understood me.

He told me that he is worried. Metacartel is lacking female membership. He is worried that the community will evolve without female perspective and insight - without a female narrative. This is certainly not the future that Metacartel wants to create.

He asked me, “if I could wave a magic wand and do anything to help the community, what would I do?” I was a little stunned by the candor, but I rolled with the punches. I told him I would want to write.

“Great,” he responded jovially. His voice perked up, his eyes lit up again.

“What do you think about writing a narrative about DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations? (Metacartel is a DAO). I can sponsor you.”

“Hell yeah!” I responded. “That sounds amazing.”

Metacartel, like many other DAOs, gives grants to its members to create stuff, which means if you create something, if you build something, you get paid.

That same day, I wrote up a funding proposal. We reviewed it together, set all the terms, and I submitted it for the community’s approval. Within a week, the community voted. I received a ton of support. The funding proposal passed.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, but I was always too busy with other things, with a different life, to take writing seriously and work on the craft.

Slowing down during my sabbatical allowed me, like many of us, to reconnect to what’s important in life: family, friends, community. Writing became a vehicle to help me think and to make sense of the world. Writing became a good friend, showing up for me when I need, without judgement.

Take care, and be well. Make your dreams come true.

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