Just gonna throw some resources at you:

- tedtalk on future literacy

- Indie hacker podcast with a lady on technology trajectories

(Purposefully) left out the link so that your search leads you to something better…or just a lame excuse because I have to run and pick up the kids from school, but know that if I don’t write this I’ll forget

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Super cool to see the dedication to setting up your notes. I know I feel way more productive when I put in the time to make notes meaningful.

I sometimes think that it's less about the notes we create that causes the new ideas, but rather learnings actually come from simply putting in the time to take the notes. I've been trying to retrain myself to think about note taking as part of the learning/reading process rather than an afterthought.

I'm curious, you're using Obsidian to do Zettelkasten right? Have you found you prefer Obsidian to Roam?

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Your ability to be so thoughtful and self critique has and will continue to serve you well. Wry hard to do but so important

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Feb 27, 2022Liked by Rika

Love and admire your self-reflection. And as always— a pleasure to read your work!

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