What a cool weird post! :D

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As a participant in Sasha Chapin’s workshop, I most heartily, and in the Chapin spirit, disagree.

About three-quarters of the way through your piece you squarely hit the nail on the head: “I wrote a whole other newsletter post before this one and spent like 3 hours writing it. I ended up scratching all of it because when I read it to myself it sounded boring. It wasn’t spicy enough.” Spicy = Sensationalist = Click Bait

Is that really your goal? You are a thoughtful writer, I read you for your ideas, not for spice. That’s what Twitter is for.

Which cycles back to Chapin. He comes off as an entitled white male who projects an abundance of testosterone.

He does not appear to value original thought, cannot back up his arguments with real world examples of how his

disagreeable technique has ever helped anyone or made the world a better place.

The writing process can be thrilling. It can also be a slog as you organise your thoughts and present them coherently.

Writing nasty is a quick, easy shot of adrenaline that fades quickly and you feel the need another shot to keep the high.

I'm curious - what do you make of this opinion piece?


P.S. I'd love to hear about the puzzle you are working on.

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