Bottoms-up, or top-off?

a piece of micro-fiction that I wrote

“Hello, HeLLO, hellooOO! Mrs. Bojangles, are you there?!”

“I’m here, I’m here. What’s all the yelling for?”

“It’s your daughter. I’m afraid she is not feeling well. Come take a look.”

Mrs. Bojangles slowly walks over to her daughter, sitting in her office chair, staring at her computer, martini glass in hand.

“Alan, what’s the problem?” Mrs. Bojangles quizzically asks.

“Don’t you SEE! It’s only 2pm on a Monday and she is drinking a martini.

“Okay…what’s the big deal? You know she works for an alcohol distributor and Monday’s are taste test days.”

“Wait, really? The other day she told me she is an assistant to the city’s mayor. And the day before that she told me she is an accountant!”

“No, no, she must have just forgotten. Did she also tell you about her poor memory?”

“No…is she okay? Does she need professional help?”

“Oh no, she is just forgetful. I noticed her memory became worse since, you know, fake news…Whenever you point out a weakness in her beliefs, she just says she forgot or she must have misread, or mispoke…I don’t know. She keeps saying she is woke too. Oh well.”

“Alan, please, be a dear, and make me a martini.”

A Twitter acquaintance posted this motivational video by Akira The Don, featuring Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s catchy and motivating, and I became curious about the line where Gary says the founder of Grey Goose was 78 when he founded the Vodka brand. I searched on Google, but found no validating information, leading me to the conclusion that this is misinformation. I then checked out more of Akira The Don’s videos, and saw he has several videos that feature Jordan Peterson. At this time, I don’t have a publicly shareable viewpoint about either Akira the Don, or Jordan Peterson, but I’m glad this video sparked my interest to dig more. My takeaway for you is to stay vigilant on the Internet, particularly with intriguing tidbits that pull on your emotions.