The Preamble

What to expect from this newsletter

What is this newsletter about?

Hi family and friends. Hi community.


This newsletter was born out of my desire to share new learnings and knowledge; to share new perspectives and world views. I guess it was born out of the Covid Pandemic, but it has been simmering in me for much longer.

This newsletter is my effort to share information, and to share stories, music, and art. I can’t say that it’s any one thing. Sometimes it will be real and raw; sometimes it will be funny and silly; but, it will always be eclectic.

I would like to share this quote from one of my favorite historians and storytellers, Yuval Harari:

The remarkable thing about nations is that you cooperate and you care about millions of complete strangers, people that you’ve never met in your life…but still you’re willing, for example, to pay taxes so that a stranger in a different part of the country will have healthcare or have a good education.

I hope this newsletter will provide diversity in thought, and I hope we get smarter together.

Much love. Stay safe, and stay healthy.